HAN Week video 2023

Life is for living with home artificial nutrition

#verify In 2017 PINNT launched their Medical Tag, #verify, which was designed to provide an extra layer of support for people who wished to or needed to have their nutritional treatment outside the home. It has been upgraded inline with user feedback and now provided with a wallet card.

Carrying a rucksack, with tubing coming out of it, along with the potential noise of the pump, also the occasional alarm, often left people worried about security checks. It’s been rewarding to know that #verify has been widely used in many settings.

For HAN Week 2023, we wanted to promote #verfiy and demonstrate how it can be used to support normal life once again. Being artificially fed should not mean people need special treatment or are excluded from being part of the crowd.

PINNT decided to approach Warrington Wolves rugby league club, to be part of our rollout to get #verify recognised by sporting venues. They welcomed the opportunity to encourage anyone who wanted to go to the game while connected and were enthusiastic in helping PINNT create a video for HAN Week 2023.

Adam, who requires parenteral nutrition, was keen to support this venture together with his wife, Mary.  As a rugby fan, having previously played in his younger days, he wanted to show that being a spectator can be normal. Obviously, this is not limited to rugby, the options are endless.  Being part of the crowd and the camaraderie is not only enjoyable but essential for their well-being.

People requiring home artificial nutrition must not be restricted to staying at home, if they need to feed and go out then that should be their choice – #freedomtofeed – all sensible precautions must be followed of course!
PINNT will be rolling this out more widely. If you would like to contact PINNT to discuss an opportunity then we would love to hear from you.

Without the tremendous support of the Warrington Wolves this video would not have been possible.

PINNT would like to thank Calea, Eitan Medical and Inspiration Healthcare for supporting the production of the video. This is a PINNT production.



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