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    •    Our acclaimed and invaluable 'Holiday Guidelines'
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Membership Types:

Full Membership is for all adults and children who receive 'enteral' (tube feeing) or 'parenteral' (Intravenous/PN/HPN/TPN). This may be through a central line, PEG, JEJ, Naso gastric tube MIC-KEY Button etc. FREE to join; donations welcomed.

Associate Member is for family members, carers, friends and healthcare professionals - any individual person keen to support our charity. FREE to join; donations welcomed.

Corporate Membership is for companies or manufacturers related to the nutrition market. Annual membership is £100; donations welcomed.

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You'll receive: meeting notices, newsletters with updates and information, notices of surveys and updates, the PINNT magazine if you request a PDF copy via email
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We will never contact you for non PINNT related business nor share or sell your data to any third party, it’s purely used for your membership with PINNT.

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Full PINNT membership is free and the membership year runs from January – December.

Donations can be made in lieu of membership fees, so if you would like to make a donation please indicate how much and the payment option in the section below.

By ticking this box you are declaring that you are a UK taxpayer and would like PINNT to reclaim the tax on your donation and any further donations made to them. Full terms can be read here.

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