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Membership Types:

Full Membership is for all adults and children who receive 'enteral' (tube feeing) or 'parenteral' (Intravenous/PN/HPN/TPN). This may be through a central line, PEG, JEJ, Naso gastric tube MIC-KEY Button etc. FREE to join; donations welcomed.

Associate Member is for family members, carers, friends and healthcare professionals - any individual person keen to support our charity. FREE to join; donations welcomed.

Postal charges
As a charity PINNT will support local postal costs when sending our PINNT resources to members. Overseas or International postage costs may be subject to a levy being charged.

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Please indicate which methods of communication you consent to for us to contact you. PINNT uses all options below to communicate about PINNT-related matters to its members. Where possible email is our preferred method of communication due to speed and efficiency with less impact on the environment. Our quarterly newsletter is sent via MailChimp to all members who consent - please note if you do not consent to receiving email by this method, we are unable to send you a copy of PINNT's newsletter. We are only able to send requested PINNT products or printed literature to those who consent to receive items by post. All your details are held securely by PINNT and none of your personal information or contact details will ever be disclosed to a third party. Please help us to keep in touch with you – thank you.

You'll receive: the PINNT magazine, birthday card (full members), meeting notices, possible surveys, etc...
You'll receive: meeting notices, newsletters with updates and information, notices of surveys and updates, the PINNT magazine if you request a PDF copy via email
PINNT use Mailchimp as a means of communication when contacting all the membership who consent to email. Please tick the following box if you consent to your information being processed in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms.
We may ask you for your help if you've said you will be a contact, write a feature for the PINNT magazine or we may ask for your help and support with PINNT projects, etc...

We will never contact you for non PINNT related business nor share or sell your data to any third party, it’s purely used for your membership with PINNT.