Virtual Nutrition Team (VNT)

What is PINNT’s Virtual Nutrition Team? It is a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals who form our virtual nutrition team (VNT).
What do they do? They use their knowledge and expertise to provide comment on a general question that the VNT receives to formulate a guidance document for members. They are unable to respond on a one-to-one basis, but hope the questions they research and respond to will help PINNT members.

How do we submit a question? The VNT will consider all questions submitted. Please bear in mind that they cannot respond to individual questions, their remit is to provide guidance for the wider population of people on artificial nutrition. Please send any questions to us via email on
  • Their responses are not intended to be too medical but may appear so in places.
  • They do not replace any advice and treatment you or your child currently receives.
  • Any changes to what has been taught or the intention to use a new product used must be discussed with the usual clinical team.  
VNT members

Dr Jeremy Nightingale, Leicester
Co-lead: Professor Simon Lal, Manchester
Brenda Blackett, Lead Nutrition Nurse Specialist, Manchester
Jose Bennell, Lead Nurse Specialist Practice Nutrition, London
Shanna Cahill, Clinical Psychologist, Essex
Angela Cole, Lead Nutrition Nurse, Essex
Konstantinos Eleftheriadis, Specialist Stroke and Medical Dietitian, London
Lisa Gemmell, Lead Dietitian Intestinal Failure, Newcastle upon Tyne
Rebecca Griffiths, Specialist Surgical Dietitian, Southampton
Sarah-Jane Hughes, Lead Intestinal Failure RD, Belfast
Uchu Meade, Lead Clinical Pharmacist, London
Mia Small, Nurse Consultant Nutrition and Intestinal Failure, London
Phil Stevens, Intestinal failure Surgeon, Glasgow
Theo Wong, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Birmingham

Latest Guidance

Swimming and other recreational water-based activities with an intravenous catheter or an enteral feeding tube

Currently available free to members as a printed guidance doucment.

Please email - complete your name, address and PINNT membership number to request a copy.