Experience with blended diet

Blended Diet: User's perspective

Rataporn, mum and carer to  her son Nico was delighted to accept an invitation to present at BAPEN's annual conference, Edinburgh 2023.

The symposium: Blended Diets (BD), was a ideal symposium to include the users perspective on what has been a hot topic! Rataporn brought balance and perspective to the practical aspects, considerations and time commitment to BD.

The response to Rataporn's presentation was overwhelming and not only did the delegates in the audience benefit from it, but it is being shared more widely, especially with parents who are considering BD. So many points that are often overlooked; colour, preparation and how she involves Nico and his preferences are taken into account.

Thank you to Rataporn for allowing PINNT to share her presentation to help others.

PINNT acknowledges that each feeding experience is personal and will vary. If you are considering BD, please speak to your usual healthcare professionals ©PINNT2023