Medical Tag

Our 'Medical Tag #verify' was designed to aid people when out and about; it’s not just for airports – it’s for use in lots of public places to provide added verification that the pump is medical equipment. It was designed and launched in 2017.

People requiring artificial nutrition at home should not be restricted to staying at home, if they need to feed and go out then that should be their choice!
#verify is an extra layer of support if challenged about a rucksack, feeding and tubing for artificial nutrition. We accept that security checks are needed, these should not restrict anyone on home artificial nutrition from going out; working, school/education, theatre, travel, sporting events etc... freedom to feed!
The  Medical Tag is attached to the dedicated feeding rucksack, it’s that easy! You don’t need to do anything with it. If you are stopped for a security check, you can ask them to scan the QR code or use the log in details shown. It will not mention your condition(s) or treatment, it will however allow them to check its genuine medical equipment. Both the QR code and log in information is given on the tag and information card. We ask that you do not share either of these on social media.
Thank you to BD Infusion for support in producing the video

#verify includes the pumps for ambulatory enteral and parenteral feeding pumps used in the community. 

A Medical Tag can be requested. by a full member of PINNT.

You will receive:

  • ​1 ‘Medical Tag’,
  • ​A covering letter for your personal use about the Medical Tag
  • A credit card version of the Medical Tag for you to giving to a friends/colleague/another person who may be able to support you if necessary. You may wish to keep this ina  purse of wallet too.
Applications can be made by:

You must include:

  • Your full name
  • Full address including your postcode
  • Your PINNT membership number

The 'Medical Tag' will not eliminate the need for you to verbally explain what you have, why you need it and what’s in your rucksack. It has not been designed to dispense with any supporting letters you usually have when travelling, especially through an airport or departure port. It’s intended use is to ‘verify’ what you’re saying – you are carrying genuine medical equipment.

This is an exclusive offer for PINNT members.