Medical Tag

As part of home artificial nutrition (HAN) week 2017 we launched a ‘medical tag’ that will be sent to all members who request one, so it can be attached to a rucksack while out and about when people feel the need.

We recommend using it in public places where there are security checks or in places where they might expect you to ‘leave your rucksack in the cloakroom’. 

Whilst we are grateful for our ambulatory equipment we also know that it can be perceived as threatening to the uneducated. It has become increasingly more obvious of late, with heightened security, that a rucksack with a tube and noises can result in closer scrutiny in public places. We welcome extra security, so to support those of you who are out and about with home artificial nutrition (HAN), we are providing you with this helpful resource.

The ‘medical tag’ will not eliminate the need for you to verbally explain what it is, or produce letters if you are travelling, especially through an airport or departure port; it’s intended use is to ‘verify’ what you’re saying – you are carrying genuine medical equipment.

Who can apply, when and how?

To ensure we have this project working effectively, we are having a two-phased process.

Phase 1 – PN/HPN members can apply for a ‘medical tag’ and supporting information during this phase. It will start on launch day during HAN week 2017. We will respond to any feedback we receive once the ‘medical tag’ been used by members and update the process where necessary before the second phase. When you apply you will be notified when it is dispatched – posting will done in small batches.
You will receive: 1 ‘medical tag’, a covering letter and an information card to slot inside your rucksack. 

Applications can be made by:
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 020 3004 6193
  • Post: PINNT, PO Box 3126, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 2XS
Please include your full name, address, telephone number and PINNT membership number with your application.

During phase 1 a ‘call to action’ will be issued to patients on enteral tube feeding. We want to know what make and model of pumps are being used so we can collate the right verification information for you.

Phase 2 – Enteral/tube fed patients can apply for a tag and supporting information. We hope to do this in early 2018. We will base any upgrades on the feedback received from phase 1. We will announce when this will take place and again follow the same distribution process as phase 1.

PINNT wishes to thank the generous co-operation and support from Fresenius-Kabi, CME Medical and Inspiration in producing and delivering this resource to PINNT members.

This is an exclusive offer for PINNT members only via PINNT and not via any other source nor sponsor.

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