PINNT Ambassador role

PINNT Ambassadors provide personal and face-to-face contact which we know so many of you value. 

The role of an Ambassador is flexible, allowing the engagement of willing and able members to offer support locally, flexibly - at a level they feel comfortable to offer. 

We have established Ambasssasdors but we are keen to engage with as many people who express an interest.

Read on if this interests you.

The main GOALS of a PINNT Ambassador in their local area are to:

  • Raise awareness of PINNT through contact with patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Offer support to adults and or children on home artificial nutrition (HAN) and their families/carers.
  • Contribute in general towards PINNT outreach and support efforts.
  • Be prepared to network with local/regional HAN NHS teams.                                

Key criteria to becoming an Ambassador include:

  • Understanding through personal experience, the challenges faced by those requiring home parenteral and/or enteral nutrition.  To have achieved this, you may be receiving nutritional support yourself, you may be a family member, or you may be a healthcare professional involved in nutritional support.
  • Understanding the PINNT ethos which is to provide support to enable people to live a good quality life while on HAN and within the constraints of their illness and treatment. Offering practical support and encouraging each person to achieve their personal goals.
  • Having the ability to support members in different ways through the use of your time, personal skills, own interests. Providing an environment where they can come together for mutual support.
  • Being familiar with all the resources that PINNT is able to provide, in order to signpost members to information from which they may benefit.
  • Understanding that in this specific role you are at all times representing PINNT and are answerable to PINNT for your words and actions. You are expected to promote the PINNT ethos. You will remain impartial (regarding the promotion/ favouring of any e.g. healthcare team, commercial product or company).  

The Ambassador role is flexible. Achieving the GOALS above may include some or all of the following activities, based on your skills, time and interest:

  1. Display and promote PINNT information in their local area.
  2. Offer to visit an inpatient awaiting discharge on HAN, to advise how PINNT may offer them ongoing support.
  3. Offer telephone/email support to PINNT members.
  4. Encourage members to share information that will be of benefit to fellow members and possibly empower them to achieve their goals, seek appropriate support as well as helping fellow members.
  5. Help monitor and/or respond to chat forum discussions.
  6. Host PINNT support group meetings/gatherings.
  7. Help to put a ‘face’ to HAN therapy in local media events, etc.
  8. Man an exhibition stands at professional meetings, and ‘network’ on behalf of the charity.
  9. Serve as spokesperson for PINNT.
  10. In your role of Ambassador, you would be offered advice and support by a designated PINNT monitor who will contact you from time to time and who will require feedback from your PINNT related activities. 

All PINNT volunteers and Ambassadors are required to complete relevant forms to conform with PINNT procedures.

For further information on the role, please email