HAN week 2018 video

PINNT is delighted to have partnered with Dorset Police to produce an awareness video 
Press release, 6th August 2018:

Dorset Police show that not all backpacks are what they seem
Dorset Police team up with local members of a national charity to build awareness of medical backpacks used to carry artificial feeding equipment and advise the public that 'it’s ok to ask'.

The threat of terrorism is something that we are all on the lookout for, with suspicious backpacks being a main cause for concern.

After an incident in a cinema, a local resident contacted Dorset Police to ask for understanding and reassurance around how suspicious incidents are responded to by the Force. He is a user of an artificial feeding device that is carried in a backpack. It often alarms audibly and flashes and he was afraid that this may cause members of the public to become concerned and report a potential terror incident.

Alliance Firearms Team Sergeant, Darren Coupe, said: "This scenario was something I had not encountered before in all my years of policing.

"After speaking with a charity called PINNT, who support people at home on artificial feeding, I was able to understand the concerns of those on this life-saving treatment.

"Working with the charity, we created a video to not only make staff and the public aware of medical backpacks, but also explain how to identify them.”
The video, named 'Food for Thought', highlights the ways in which you can spot a backpack that is carrying medical equipment and reassures members of the public that if you are concerned, 'it is ok to ask', and reassures users of the equipment that ‘it is ok to share'. 

One of the founding members of PINNT, Carolyn Wheatley, who is also a user of this treatment, said: "There are thousands of people nationally who have a condition requiring them to carry a backpack in order to survive. It concerns me that a number of these people feel anxious and concerned about going out in public with their backpacks, all born out of a lack of awareness and understanding about their medical condition from both the police and public.
“PINNT is a charity that is run for patients, by patients. These concerns raised are very real. It is important to me and the members of PINNT that Dorset Police has worked with us to understand our concerns and educate the public and their staff about the medical backpacks.

"Our awareness week is dedicated to raising awareness of PINNT and the treatments our members have, which require the medical backpacks. This video will go a long way in helping us do this."

The video has been created to raise awareness of these medical backpacks, reduce any unnecessary fear from the public and enable the police to act upon any concerns with professionalism and proportionality. This in turn will provide the reassurance to PINNT members to go out with their backpacks and live their life feeling safe and secure.

To view the video please go our YouTube channel here. For more information about artificial feeding systems and the PINNT charity, please go to www.pinnt.com


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