HAN - Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness Week 2018

Our 6th HAN week is fast approaching. The event varies each year and we ask you to take part where possible.
Calling all patients - A week dedicated to raising awareness by the sharing of your personal  experience of home artificial feeding, it’s your life saver, share this as widely as you can.

All those also involved with HAN - You may be a patient benefiting from it, a spouse/partner supporting someone receiving it, a healthcare professional providing care for someone, an individual who works in the nutrition industry; provision of solutions, equipment or services - you all have a part in the unique journey and a story to share!

Those receiving either parenteral or enteral nutrition are the real focus of our week!
We will also be focusing on the progression of our ‘Medical Tag’ which was launched during HAN week 2017. We've achieved our objective to ensure the tag was available for ambulatory parenteral and enteral pumps by awareness week 2018.

  • There will be patient/carers stories
  • An awareness video related to our medical tag
  • Supporting messages from other groups and associations
  • A chance to be selected for a visit to a compounding unit for parenteral nutrition
  • We will ask our Facebook followers to donate their profile picture for HAN week
  • All those who have a medical tag - we will ask you to tag @PINNTcharity with a photo of your tag on your rucksack to raise awareness. Tell us where you've been with your rucksack and tag!
  • Our annual get together and information day - Jury's Inn Hotel, Keel Wharf, Liverpool - for further information  contact scottee@pinnt.com
How you can personally raise awareness:
  • Tell your story about life on home artificial nutrition! Since you started HAN, have you been able to achieve any personal goals you thought were out of reach once you became ill? Personal achievements should be about what you want to achieve, not measured by other people's - only you know the reality of your life and treatment. We each achieve our goals in different ways. People may assume it's easy; you look well, you're being treated -  yes but you're not cured, life can be a rollercoaster; share your story!
  • Are you a carer or parent who would like to share your experience of HAN? Let people know what it's like for you, watching a loved one with an illness and treatment, how does it affect you!
 You can download HAN week logos here:
[EPS] | [PNG] | [GIF] | [PDF]

For your use: Here is a template for you to complete telling your own story on home artificial nutrition. All the key information is there, all you need to do is type your story, share you message and insert your photos. You can then save it, usual file, photo or PDF and share with friends and family. If you use it, please share with PINNT during HAN week. Here is is: Your-HAN-story-template.docx

PINNT general posters will also be added before HAN week

Please tag @PINNTcharity on Facebook and Twitter.
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