Advisory panel - enteral nutrition

We are seeking volunteers to be part of a PINNT enteral nutrition (EN, tube feeding/ oral nutritional supplements) advisory panel.
PINNT often instigates or participates in projects that would benefit from direct input from people with personal experience.
We are seeking people who: 
  • Receive enteral nutrition.
  • Care/support a loved one on enteral nutrition.
  • Are a parent/guardian of someone on enteral nutrition. 
We wish to establish a ‘go-to team’ who can respond to a deadline that will be set for each project. All communication will be via email; a virtual meeting will be scheduled if the need arises.
We are seeking a wide range of experiences - those new to artificial nutrition, well-established patients and key people who support those on it. Each panel will be no larger than 15 members, so spaces are limited! PINNT understands that not everyone will be able to respond to each project. If PINNT needs to invite wider comment this will be sought separately.
How often will you be asked to contribute? This will vary; there are at least two projects coming up in the next three to six months, for each kind of treatment.
If you are interested and keen to support PINNT and your fellow members by using your personal knowledge, then PINNT wants to hear from you! Please note you must be committed to checking and responding to emails on a regular basis if you wish to participate.
Qualification required: someone keen to volunteer to help PINNT with key projects over the coming twelve months. Regular email user.
Duration of appointment: ideally we would like to appoint panel members for a period of twelve months, however, if for any reason, a panel member needs to withdraw, this decision will be respected.
All the projects reviewed by our advisory panels will be deemed confidential until the projects or resources are made available or announced by PINNT.
What to do next: Please email us on and state the following:
  • Which type of artificial nutrition you have.
  • How long you have been on it and why.
  • If a partner/carer or parent/guardian – please state which.
  • If a partner/carer or parent/guardian – please state how long the person has been feeding.
Please reply by Monday 26th April 2021.


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