North West/Chester PINNT Group

Liz Taylor

Telephone: 07801 650067
An opportunity for local members to meet face to face.  As a group we will determine what we would like for the future, when and where; we can offer discussion forums, advise and help each other, arrange a speaker if specific topics are popular.
We plan to have some fun too, make new friends and develop relationships with those caught up with artificial feeding.  As Liz Taylor, PINNT Ambassador for the area says, ‘I know that personally I would benefit from being able to speak to people with similar issues; it can be a daunting experience that we go through, with potential life changing aspects to consider’. 

At our Chester get together on Wednesday 21st February, we'll also be featuring a short presentation on The role of a Nutrition Support Team in home patient support.

We'll be at the Hoole Community Centre, 15 minutes walk from the rail station or a £5 taxi ride. Plenty of onsite free parking if you travel by car.
If you’d like to come or have any queries, please contact: Tel 07801 650067
For location and travel please see also:

Meet the group

Date: 21/02/2018
Time:01:00PM - 03:00PM
Where: Hoole Community Centre, Westminster Road, Chester CH2 3AP