Sarah supported HAN Week 2020

The challenge was set by Ezekiel...
Last year, Ezekiel encouraged PINNT members to complete a challenge during Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) Week (2020) to help raise awareness of what we can do (rather than what we can't). 

Sarah's challenge was - to practice a piano piece which she would then record and post on PINNT's Facebook group page.

Sarah has told her story in Issue 2 of PINNT's newsletter, Online - it's a lovely story. This is a classic example of 'never judge a book by it's cover.' While Sarah might look well, the whole experience took a huge amount of effort and the whole challenge left her dealing with a severe increase of all the symptoms of her condition Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Sarah is determined and spirited; it took many weeks to succeed with her challenge. The pain and suffering was worth it; Sarah felt accomplished. It meant a great deal to her show what she can do, despite the painful road to success and the long recovery after it.

Thank you Sarah - please enjoy the video - it's a very appropriate song choice...


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