#challengeGary part 2

As mentioned in #thisisClaire feature (view here) she loves Lego! Given Claire was unable to support the planned #challengeGary events for HAN Week 2023, she set about applying the “adapt” and “adjust” theory that many people have to do on a daily basis.

Given she is very much an athlete, like Gary but with different passions, she devised a new challenge which would certainly focus Gary’s mind. He is used to both mental and physical challenges, getting into the zone to achieve his goals – very similar to Claire.

As the outdoor challenges could not happen, it was time to think about something different and setting a different team challenge.

The #Legochallenge was born! Claire purchased a four-part Lego kit and challenged Gary to build some Lego. He said it wasn’t his thing, especially with larger fingers and little patience for such things, but, never to be defeated, he accepted the challenge. In line with the proposed team event, Claire decided the Lego kit would be a team event too. She invited Ezekiel Martin and Carolyn Wheatley to accept the challenge too.

She decided that the building process would not require hours to complete, but what it did require was concentration to build one part of the “Tales of the Space Age” kit and return it to Claire to complete the final build.

Moral of the challenge:
  • A challenge or activity does not have to be strenuous or unachievable.
  • Adapting and adjusting does not have to a negative thing.
  • Being part of a team doesn’t always mean it has to be face-to-face, although meeting people is always a good idea.
  • If something needs to be rescheduled, focus on doing it later, rather than not doing it at all.
#challengeGary will be back in its usual form, this may even be before the next HAN Week, but the #Legochallenge and the #allotmentchallenge have shown that any activities that involve talking and communicating with people, teamwork and planning can have a positive effect on everyone’s personal well-being.


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