World HAN Day

As a founder member of PACIFHAN we celebrate World HAN Day 

PACIFHAN celebrates World Home Artificial Nutrition
(HAN) Day 15th October 2019
‘HANs around the world’

“The more we share, the more we have” Leonard Nimoy
Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) is a recognised life-saving therapy that provides a lifeline for all those who need it. Where the ability to eat and drink normally is compromised; medical nutrition is provided to supply nutrients and hydration. It can be parenteral nutrition (PN) which is given directly into the bloodstream or enteral nutrition (EN) which is given directly into the intestine.

Who receives HAN? Adults and children with medical conditions that prevent them from being able to eat, enough if anything, to absorb nutrients.

Is it a cure for their medical conditions? HAN will treat malnutrition, but it will not cure the underlying condition(s).

Is it available to all those who need it around the world? In some countries it is a well-established treatment, in others there is limited availability but sadly in some countries those in need of HAN do not have access to it.

PACIFHAN has been established with 6 key goals agreed by our 10 member countries: Australia and New Zealand, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA.

During #WorldHANDay we want to communicate with other patient organisations, all those involved in current patient care, manufacturers and suppliers of HAN fluids and products to unite in raising awareness of HAN for all those in need. We are thankful for those who have access to HAN, and we will continue to raise awareness for equal access for those who need HAN around the world.

Join in – spread the word: share the benefits of HAN, what is your role within HAN – patients, carers, healthcare professionals, manufacturers and suppliers – is it available to you as a patient? – Do you need HAN but don’t have access to it?

✓ Share your views on social media #WorldHANDay

We are delighted to share introductions from some of our friends to mark #WorldHANDay and celebrate our 'connections' thanks to HANs around the world: to read these wonderful stories please click this link: HANs around the world introductions


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