Pump testing

Would you like to take part in valuable testing for a parenteral nutrition (TPN/PN) ambulatory feeding pump? BD are looking to gather user feedback on the next version of the CME Twins pumps (two channel pump). See image below, that’s the current model.

Who can apply? Patients and carers/parents. You do not need to be using the pump to apply but you must have direct experience of using a parenteral nutrition ambulatory pump or programming one.
What will happen during the testing: You will be part of user testing, you will not be asked to connect to a central line and infuse with it. No medical procedures or connections will take place, this testing is focused around ease of use and safety in a simulated usability test. There are updates that BD would like feedback on.
Dates: Between 29 October – 2 November 2018
What’s the times commitment: 3 hours in total. 1-hour training, 1-hour break (necessary as part of the evaluation process) and 1-hour practical applications.
Where will the testing take place: It cannot be done in your home. The venue for the testing is in London, PDD Group Ltd, 87 Richford St, Hammersmith, London W6 7HJ. Click here for the location map: PDD_locationMap_-1.pdf  a fully copy will be sent to you once your place is confirmed.
What times will I be expected to be at the testing centre? Due to the process, appointments will be made for each person. Training can be done with more than one person but the last hour for the practical application review will be done on a one-to-one basis.
Travelling expenses: Each person who takes part will be reimbursed with reasonable travel expenses. If you are accepted to take part, you will be asked to submit the expected costs of your travel. Mileage will be reimbursed, rate will be confirmed at the next stage of the process.
Renumeration: As a thank you for your time and expertise, this will be a paid usability test. At the end of the testing a thank you fee of £250 will be paid to you along with your previously approved travel expenses.

Interested - what to do next:

Places are limited, and the time lines are tight! If you would like to apply to take part, please do the following ASAP:
  • Email us via this link -  comms@pinnt.com 
  • Please state that you give us consent to send your expression of interest to the recruitment officer for the project
  • You must include a contact phone number
  • Provide your PINNT membership number.
Once we have your email and check you're a PINNT member we will pass you name, email address and phone onto the recruitment officer. PINNT is not responsible for any logistics on the day or content during the testing.
No medical procedures are needed during this testing, it's your personal knowledge about using a PN ambulatory parenteral nutrition feeding pump; yourself or in your role as a carer.



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