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Hi, I am Tracy and I live near Kings Lynn, Norfolk. I joined PINNT a number of years ago after, like a lot us, a very traumatic time which resulted in a two year hospital stay.

Along with Sylvia Cottee, we organise the Addenbrookes PINNT meetings, during which I so enjoy and from which I get great pleasure and satisfaction. I love to watch people that have never met before open up to each other with very personal details, each having been through so much.

I would love to take the lead and put people in touch. PINNT already has a private forum on the website and a Facebook page but these forms of modern technology do not suit everyone. Some people like to receive what is now referred to as good old fashioned ways to communicate a letter or a phone call. We will continue with Facebook, emails and the forum but we want to broaden this to put people in touch in the written form or via a phone call. A note, a letter or a phone call can make such a difference. I know many people want to attend meetings but for various reason are unable to; this is a great way to try and meet people who may be able to make a difference to each other. It s amazing how talking to somebody that understands what you are going through really helps you to deal with such a life changing treatment and illness. Oh, by the way the talk does not have to be purely focused on artificial nutrition and illness; it might be good to find out about others as individuals too. So if anyone would like to join in with this, I would love to hear from you.

Here are all my contact details:

Address: 7 Summer Close, Walpole St Andrew, Wisbech, Cambs PE14 7JW
Landline: 01945 780909
Mobile: 07800922479.

Tracy Hill