LITRE report


We are continually being asked about which ambulatory PN pumps are on the market.

Please read the LITRE report for further information.

The answer the commonest question - who decides which pump you have? - your hospital or nutrition team in conjunction with you!

Once they are happy that the pump is clinically safe for you and right for your lifestyle they will instruct your homecare company to provide it for you.
LITRE Assessment Report on Ambulatory Pumps for Parenteral Nutrition is now available. The report is the culmination of a user assessment which took place in patients homes which was followed by a day of presentations from each of the companies.

LITRE are delighted to be in a position to say that we continue to have an excellent working relationship with all the companies, we share a common goal in wanting to raise awareness of what pumps are available for patients who may wish to consider a different pump, for whatever reason, but do not know what is available.

LITRE stress that all medical equipment must be clinically safe and approved by the healthcare professionals in charge of your care.

One of LITRE s beliefs has always been that no one pump will suit all patients, even those under the same unit, expectations and needs vary.

The views in the report are those of the panel and in no way do the panel aim to belittle or ignore any personal views by individuals currently using any of the pumps. Never be swayed by others opinions, if you are happy with the pump you currently use then others views are irrelevant but if the report highlights aspects that may be of interest to you then you should talk to your own healthcare professionals to discuss a potential trial of another product.

There is one question we are always asked who makes the final decision? Ultimately it should be your healthcare professionals. They have clinical responsibility for you and they should be in a position to ensure the homecare provider supplies the pump that you have both agreed upon the homecare provider should not dictate this. We hear rumours about cost, of course there is a cost implication but ultimately that is something that your healthcare professionals should discuss with your homecare provider if the pump is clinically safe and can enhance or improve your life on home feeding then this should be the driver not the cost.

What is evident is that over time needs change. As people improve on their HPN their lifestyle choices may change so a different type of pump may be preferable to enhance that improving lifestyle. Do you need a pump with better battery life, an external battery to extend feeding and reduce the need to worry about a mains supply, a lighter pump, a less complicated pump - the list is endless. The main thing is that the dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals continues so everyone can help support the individual needs of each patients and not everyone collectively.

Neither LITRE or PINNT endorse or recommend any of the products in the report, again, we aim to raise awareness to highlight choice. There is much quoted about Patient choice and Empowering Patients well we hope to support this by making the LITRE report available as we receive many calls asking about the pumps available because we know some people are not using the right product to enhance their quality of life.
Again, LITRE wish to express sincere thanks to the companies as well as the panel. Everyone gave up a lot of time to take part in this assessment and we hope you find the report of interest.


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