LITRE update


An update to the LITRE report 2016 (published in February 2017) will soon be available.
Following the full user assessment on the ambulatory pumps for parenteral nutrition, LITRE announce that an update will soon be published. 

In the report, each company was given a list of  'recommendations and thoughts' that they felt would enhance both the pump or accessories. 

We are now gathering updates from each company; these will be collated and made public.

LITRE wish to state a couple of their key position points in respect of ambulatory pumps:
  • The philosophy of LITRE remains the same - one pump does not fit all patients.
  • The pump is part of the clinical decision making, it is not a commercial decision.
  • The pump and accessories should be reviewed in line with the changing needs of the patient.
A full list is contained within the LITRE report: LITRE-Report-2016-17-1.pdf


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