Do you have an NG or NJ tube?


Hello Sammie Cleal Group/Page Administrator for GP R Us support group and the GP Resource Hub Facebook page and website (Gastroparesis) is looking for your help.

GP-hub-image-(1).jpgSammie says: As well as doing the above, I have also returned to college to do a pre degree course in social studies, with a view to doing a degree in special needs studies next year. A large part of the course (and my overall grade) will be down to the completion of a research project - I have decided to do this piece on invisible disability and to use the data collected as a base on which to build my degree dissertation.

This initial research will concentrate on perceptions of disability and first impressions and the aim is to then look at misconceptions and discrimination in relation to invisible disability in the final degree dissertation.

I am going to carry out this research using an anonymous visually based questionnaire and I need a picture from one of you guy s to include (again anonymously) on the questionnaire. It needs to be of someone with a NASOGASTRIC (NG) or NASOJEJUNAL (NJ) tube, with no other medical equipment other than the tube visible, a colour head to toe shot please.

As this data may later be used in a published paper I would also need your informed written consent, sent along with the photograph stating:

I hereby give Samantha Cleal permission to use this photograph, of myself, to use in an anonymous format, within a research questionnaire, relating to invisible disability and perceptions of disability, being issued within the UK in 2015. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. Your name xxxx Date xx/xx/xx.

If you re willing to help, please send your photo and written consent to GPResourceHub or contact for further information or to ask questions.


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