Day 7



All change today!

HAN + PINNT = Gala (Getting A Life Again)

Final official day of HANS2015. We ask all members to share on a comment on Facebook if they feel comfortable which introduces them to other HAN patients.

7 people shared their stories on our website and some very amazing people shared via the PINNT video.

Facebook friends and PINNT members were asked to:

** Please post a comment and say hello to everyone. What treatment you/or your child receives, why and for how long. If no longer on it do share too,
** Non-patients, tell us how you re involved with home artificial nutrition,
** Say thank you to a friend, partner, carer, healthcare professional(s)/team,
** Post a hope or wish for the future.

It s GALA time - let s celebrate life on HANs.

None of this happens without a whole team of people so we need to acknowledge everyone involved.


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