Annual Review 2013


As many of you know we published our first annual review last year and it was so well received and has been of great benefit when explaining to people what it is that we at PINNT do and why we do it that it was decided to continue to publish these on an annual basis and so here is the next installment; Annual Review 2013-2014.

PINNT has continued to achieve so much - being there for our members; being able to offer that listening ear; providing practical guides that enable people to reach their own goals. Through PINNT we have brought together a family who are able to empathise and offer genuine advice which has contributed to people adapting more easily to life on home enteral or parenteral feeding. Together we are able to guide people so they can make informed choices about how they can live their lives, or support their loved ones at home on these complex therapies. PINNT has three roles to play. The first is the most important - supporting its members. The second is to contribute to policy making via patient advocacy, providing the patient s perspective in as many external settings as possible; helping to make our voices heard and thirdly to raise awareness of home artificial nutrition and it is these third role that we have really made great strides in 2013-2014.

PINNT launched the first UK Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness (HANs) week in August 2013, bringing together patient stories and healthcare organisations to highlight what life is like on home artificial nutrition and to unify those on the treatments and those who prescribe it.

We were so fortunate to receive so much support from our members, healthcare organisations and member of industry that it was a huge success, so much so that we have decided this needs to be an annual event, which will hopefully grow and grow over the years. All our volunteers give freely when health and time permits but without the support of able bodied people and our friends from industry we could not have come this far. As we move forward and focus on what else we need to achieve in the changing climate of homecare, we hope our Annual Review will help share our achievements, whilst also encouraging more people to support our work and help us achieve our agenda. Already we are establishing more regional and local groups but we need more resources to achieve and maintain this momentum. PINNT is seeking support and funding in as many different areas as we can to support our continued development. Thank you for your help so far please do continue to help us along our journey.
You can Download your copy of the Annual Review here


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