Airport security


New information released today

Previously it was announced that flights to and from the USA would have heighten security checks. Gadgets would need to be charged so they can be switched on at the request of airport security.

Today it has been announced that the gadget checks may apply to other destinations, not just the USA. Apparently these will be carried out on an ad hoc basis at departure gates.

Remember to ensure your pumps and batteries are supported by appropriate literature and can be switched on. Even if you have approval from your airline to take them on board you will need to pass through airport security before you get to that stage . A medical letter will support your passage not guarantee it if you cannot conform to the safety checks. Don t panic but be prepared.

Before flying check the website for the airport you are departing from for their guidance and advice.

This is a good link to help you, your feeds and pumps may not be listed separately but this is the place to get the facts .

Remember to refer to PINNT s Holiday Guidelines for all aspects of travelling with artificial nutrition. The booklets covers staycations and travelling abroad. If you need further advice please email:


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