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Three million people in the UK are estimated either to live with malnutrition or to be at risk, but the issue has failed to attract the attention it deserves. As the malnutrition taskforce - an umbrella group of organisations from health and social care committed to improving the nutrition of older people - meets to discuss how to shape policy on this issue, we ask 20 people, from ministers to carers, to share their experiences of malnutrition.

While people have a pre set idea of malnutrition, usually the elderly, many of us have disease related malnutrition which is thankfully being treated. People don t recognise our illnesses as they are hidden and due to the artificial nutrition we tend to look well. Home tube feeding and TPN keeps many of nourished and hydrated. Without our artificial feeding we would revert back to being a static on the malnutrition charts.

A lot of effort goes into keeping ourselves and loved ones well.

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