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Information concerning the use of the Mini Rythmic PN while travelling on commercial airlines.

Dear PINNT members,

In response to your request, I am providing you with the following information concerning the use of the Mini Rythmic PN while travelling on commercial airlines. The operation of the Mini Rythmic PN Infusion Pump should not be adversely affected while travelling on commercial airlines that utilise aircraft with pressurised cabins. Micrel Medical Devices S.A however does not recommend using the Mini Rythmic PN Infusion Pump while travelling in small aircraft that do not have pressurised cabins since the volume accuracy of drug delivery may be impacted.

The Mini Rythmic PN Infusion Pump radiates electronic frequencies similar to a laptop computer It is likely that the airline crew will request that all electronic equipment, including the pump, be turned off during taxi, take-off and landing. The patient s healthcare provider must determine if it is clinically unacceptable to interrupt the patient s infusion therapy during these segments of flight. Under this circumstance, Micrel Medical Devices S.A recommends that the patient obtain a signed letter from their physician stating the necessity of using the pump during phases of flight. This letter should be presented to the Captain prior to closure of the aircraft s cabin doors with a request for exception to allow the use of the pump during all phases of flight. If an exception is granted to use the pump during the take-off and landing phases of flight, the patient may experience false down occlusion alarms due to the rapid changes in atmospheric pressure.

Passing through the metal detector should not adversely affect the Mini Rythmic PN Infusion Pump. However, due to the variability of airport metal detectors and the amount of metallic items (e.g.: watches, zippers, buttons and etc) that the patient may be wearing, Micrel Medical Devices S.A cannot predict if the metal detector will alarm when the patient is passing through security checkpoints. In light of the increased airport security, it is recommended that the patient notify the appropriate airport security personnel that they are travelling with a medical device before walking through the metal detector. In addition, the pump may be xrayed for the purpose of security at the airport without being adversely affected. If you require any further assistance, please contact me on+33 685719814.

Yours sincerely,

Jean-Claude Rondelet
International Marketing Manager
Micrel Medical Devices S.A
Tel: +33 685719814


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