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University College London (UCL) are looking for a patient representative to get involved with a new project; ECLIPSE

This project is Exploring the Current Landscape of Intravenous Infusion Practices and Errors (ECLIPSE)

As many of you know IV medication/parenteral feed is essential in the therapeutic management of many patients, but it is a complex process and errors are unacceptably common.

To reduce these errors, the introduction of automated infusion devices has been advocated. However, little is known about the effect on patient safety of smart pumps or of how they are deployed, or about their likely impact in the UK.

This study seeks to explore the landscape of IV medication administration practices in UK hospitals and how these relate to rates and severity of medication administration errors.

We aim to inform the debate on:

a) whether it is worth the NHS investing in smart pump technology,
and if so
b) what other changes need to be made to ensure effectiveness of that investment.

This might include particular approaches to staff training, integration with other systems such as electronic health records or computerised physician order entry systems, standardisation of medication practices, etc.

This is the first national study of this scale in England. It is also timely because there is a similar study already funded in the US, led by Professor David Bates; by collaborating with them and using similar methods and definitions, we will gain added benefit through transatlantic comparison and efficiencies through sharing of methodologies.

Anyone getting involved with this project will be acting as a Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) representative over 3 years and willing to attend about 4 meetings over that period. The first meeting is planned to take place in the Autumn of this year and then one per year through to 2017.

ECLIPSE is interested in the experiences of patients that have received intravenous medication/parenteral nutrition in hospitals and are particularly interested in understanding the errors that can happen with this equipment and patients experience of receiving medication via this route.

Ideally those who get involved will have:

A) Experience of committee meetings

B) Experience of being a PPI advisor

C) Experience of being a patient and receiving IV medication/Parenteral nutrition in hospital


D) Have been a parent of a child receiving IV medication/parenteral nutrition in hospital.

Those who have experience in committee meeting (A), of being a PPI advisor (B) and of being a parent of a child (D) would be most adventageous due to the other participants signed up for the project.

Financial compensation and reasonable expenses will be paid to the participants for each of the 4 meetings.

If you are interested in getting involved with this please contact Dominic Furniss for more information at d.furniss or on 020 7679 7085

PINNT are not conducting or involved in this study and any involvement by our members is at the discretion of the members themselves


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