Government Spending Review

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The Government announced their Spending Review on Wednesday 20th October 2010. This focuses on their attempt to reduce the economic deficit of the Country. It is possible that some people will now be very concerned about their benefits , employment and possibly housing.

The announcements in the Governments Spending Review make it clear that Benefit Reforms for Disability Living Allowance will take place between 2013 and 2016. They have said that this means all existing and new claimants will be invited to attend a medical assessment . At this time it is difficult to know how this will be administered and who will be assessed first. In reality with so many claimants it will be a difficult and challenging time for all involved. There is mention of a points based system and people who do not score enough points may face cuts or changes to their entitlement to benefits.

We would suggest that concerns regarding your personal circumstances are channelled towards an Agency who can give you and specific support at this worrying time.

The Citizens Advice Bureau or Disability Support Networks specific to your area such as DIAL , will be able to assist you with claim forms and other paperwork related to new or claims.

It is very important to remember the money the Government pay for ill health such as Employment Support Allowance or Incapacity Benefit are paid as a replacement for earnings. Both the care and mobility components of Disability Living Allowance are paid to assist people with the additional costs related to their circumstances. There is no money automatically payable for people with specific conditions and there is no money available for people with specific care needs. The current assessment process for this benefit is based on how your needs affect your day to day life.

Housing issues and concerns can be supported through National charities such as Shelter with their detailed website and free phone helpline.

In these uncertain times we fully appreciate it is scary for people who rely on this support . The protection of the most vulnerable is the aim of this review and so we will all be part of the changes as and when they are put in place.



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