Newcastle PINNT Group

Steve Brown

Telephone: 07500 871547
The Newcastle PINNT Group last met in a venue outside the hospital, at the Durham County Cricket Club, generating a more pleasant environment for everyone. This well-established group had it’s best ever attendance.

Hayley (Nutrition Nurse) and Lisa (dietitian) always do a great job and started with an update of the service provided by the Freeman hospital. Numbers continue to grow year on year, needing an increase in both nursing and dietetic staff.

The group had a brief introduction to the Mini Rhythmic pump, hands-on and discussion too.

Next, over to Steve Brown, General Secretary for PINNT and Carolyn Wheatley Chair with a three part presentation on PINNT. An introduction for new members, a section on travelling with PN, then back to Steve with Personal Independence Payments (PIPs), a frequent question to PINNT; as with all benefits it can be complicated to navigate the process.

We ended with an opportunity to chat over refreshments and talk to representatives from PINNT, Calea, Taurolock and ward nursing and dietetic staff.

The group intends to meet again soon.

Meet the group

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Where: Newcastle