Day 4 - I don’t want to ‘carp’ on… but!

If you have not guessed straight away, I am a keen fisherman. I enjoy nothing more than escaping with fellow team members at Crafty Bait and Tackle to share our mutual love of the sport.

In addition to fishing I am a keen photographer, an interest I share with my son Aaron. My other interest is being a DJ on internet radio with BoomFM Crazy Crew. The first two activities provide solace and the DJing is the complete opposite.
I’ve had a number of health problems that started in 2006. From July 2018 I found myself on jejunostomy feeding; in April 2020 it was changed to parenteral nutrition (PN). I still have my jejunostomy tube but that’s purely for medicines now. I am unable to eat which I am finding really difficult to adjust to, especially when it’s everywhere I look. Mentally it is one of the hardest experiences I’ve ever had to deal with. I fully understand that being on PN is keeping me alive but some days the thought of having to put on my PN really gets to me.
As yet I have not been able to travel far with my PN. I’ve been shielding due to the coronavirus but when fishing was allowed, I managed a couple of days enjoying my passion. Later in the year I hope to go to Scotland with Aaron on a photography trip. Usually we wild camp, but as I’m now on PN I am not sure about this; time will tell.
When I started my journey on artificial feeding, I wish I had known about PINNT and had access to the support network it offers. I have since found out that some of the nurses knew about PINNT, it is just a pity they didn’t tell me! The main benefit of being part of the PINNT community is that you can ask questions of people who may have the answer or some useful advice. It’s difficult and awkward asking family members as they don’t have the answers or experience that I am seeking. The support I’ve received to date has been amazing.
Since having to adapt to this new lifestyle, a new way of eating and drinking I couldn’t have manged it without my family. I’ve mentioned Aaron my son, I also have two wonderful daughters, Shaquila and Shanice. Also, on my journey I’ve had the support of my grandchildren, my team members at Crafty and Tackle - Jeni, Andy and Steve. A shout out to BoomFM Crazy Crew – without all of you I wouldn’t have come this far.
Finally, I want to thank the members of PINNT who have supported me during my short time as a member. To show my gratitude I am now trying to raise funds for PINNT. As part of HAN week I am organising and taking part in a sponsored hair shaving event! I am sure that will appear in the next edition of PINNT’s newsletter Online.

HAN Week