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We  met on Thursday 16th June 2016 and for the first time the group held the meeting outside of the hospital, at the Durham County Cricket Club. It was amazing to see the effect of being out of the hospital had on the group – generating a more pleasant environment for everyone who attended.

This is a well-established group and has always been well attended, but today was one of the biggest groups that we have had – in fact the room we had could have done with being bigger to cater better for everyone in attendance.

Hayley (Nutrition Nurse) and Lisa (dietitian) always do a great job of getting these groups together and they started with the usual update on the situation of the service provided by the Freeman hospital. Numbers of those in the service continue to grow year on year, with the necessity to increase both the nursing and dietetic staff to be able to meet the needs of the patients.

The group were then given a brief introduction to the Mini Rhythmic pump from Moira Kallis and invited to go over and have a look and feel of the pump and discuss the workings. Many of the patients were very interested in seeing what the pump can do and finding out whether it would be something that they would be interested in trying.

After this it was over to Steve Brown, General Secretary for PINNT who provided a three part presentation giving an introduction to PINNT for those of the new members of the group, explaining what PINNT is about and what we offer our members, followed by a section on travelling with PN which was put together by PINNT chair, Carolyn Wheatley who has extensive experience of travelling with PN, before going back over to Steve as he walked members through the Personal Independence Payments (PIPs), something which is a frequent question to PINNT, as with all benefits it can be complicated to navigate through the process.

The meeting ended with the opportunity for people to chat over a cup of coffee or tea and to mix with the representatives from PINNT, Taurolock and Calea, as well as the nursing and dietetic staff from the ward.

The group intends to meet again before Christmas and hope to continue having the meeting outside of the hospital setting.

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