Our virtual nutrition team (VNT), members of our medical panel, respond to questions received from members.

They are unable to respond on a one-to-one basis, but hope the questions they research and respond to will help PINNT members.

Their responses are not intended to be too medical but may appear so in places.

They do not replace any advice and treatment you or your child currently receives.

They should be used as a discussion document. They are not conclusive in their replies and have been prepared based on personal medical practice and available research. The VNT fully appreciate that opinion will vary both in terms of patients/carers/parents/healthcare professionals, also they are aware that some members will have personal experiences that counter balance some of the comments. This reflects that they are general responses.

They are already having a positive impact - we know that the 'Muscle cramps and home parenteral nutrition (HPN)' (previously printed in Online) response has been of benefit to some healthcare professionals who were able to support patients with issues. The patients took Online to clinic and hey presto! 
Currently they are only available as downloads.

If anyone would like a printed copy please email: and we will arrange a copy to be sent. 

All reports are subject to copyright.

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