Restaurant Card

Can you eat a small amount, but usually pay the full price for a meal when you are out?

PINNT can offer all its members a FREE restaurant card. We do not send the cards out automatically to all members, as we realise that this may not be welcomed by those unable to eat.

The card is for you to use in eating places if you are unable to eat a full portion. You should show it to the waiter/waitress who will hopefully read and understand your request, and allow you to either:
  • share a portion
  • order a small portion
  • order from the children's menu (for adults)

This will hopefully avoid the need for you to give a lengthy and complicated explanation of your dietary restrictions, as well as enable you to participate in the meal without incurring the cost of a full meal that you may be unable to eat.

Please note that this card does not guarantee you co-operation from anywhere that you may try to use it; any consideration will be solely at the eatery's discretion. Any feedback you have once you use the card would be gratefully received. Your experiences can be included in Online or the member's area on our website - or both.

To request your FREE card as a PINNT member, please email giving the following information:
  • Your name as registered with PINNT
  • Your full postal address
  • Your PINNT membership number
Each member is entitled to one free card. Replacements will incur a charge.