Support Disability Living Allowance FAQs

Claiming benefits can be a complicated and stressful experience. This information will hopefully help you to check if you are potentially eligible. It will help you consider some of the things you need to take into account before, during and after your application process. Links to useful agencies and other resources can be found in the ‘Links' section.

The information within each section is based on general terms and conditions and is not just about receiving artificial nutrition or about a specific condition, as there are too many situations to cover. You will find clear and helpful hints to enable you to make an application, as well as some of the issues you may wish to consider during your claim.

The more detailed information and the current points of law can be found on the Government websites shown in the ‘Links' section of this website. Please check these carefully for issues relating to your circumstances and benefits claims.

We cannot cover every possibility here, as this is a general information resource about Disability Living Allowance and is not specifically for each individual claimant's needs.

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