VNT applications


We are recruiting!
Who is PINNT? We are the UK support and advocacy group for people on home artificial nutrition (HAN).

What is the VNT? It’s a Virtual Nutrition Team who support PINNT to respond to questions posed by PINNT members (patients/carers).
We are recruiting new members to augment those already actively involved. The VNT exists to respond to questions posed by PINNT members. The VNT will not comment or respond to individual medical situations or concerns.
PINNT advertises the VNT in our quarterly newsletter and ask members to submit questions either in writing or by email. Not all questions are deemed suitable for the VNT to process. For those accepted, the lead member of the VNT then passes them on to the VNT members by email for comments which are then collated together with appropriate material on the subject. Subject to the agreement of VNT members, the final document is then passed to PINNT executive committee for comment before it is processed for publication in the PINNT newsletter ‘Online’ or as an independent resource made freely available to members.
What commitment are we seeking from applicants? Members of the VNT do not need to meet in person, nor do they need to set aside much of their valuable time. Individual members are not identified by name in the final response document but will appear on the PINNT website with your permission. The questions often expose differences of opinion, usually where there is little or no evidence base. This is reflected in an impartial manner in the final documents.
What topics have been previously addressed by the VNT?
  • Dental care for people on enteral nutrition
  • Microblading and tattoos
  • Muscle cramps and home parenteral nutrition
  • Swimming with parenteral or enteral nutrition
  • Prepping line for Taurolock™ and PosiFlush™ 
We value and appreciate all the support and time members of our VNT have contributed to PINNT.  We may, during the next period review current VNT guidance. We believe teamwork is the answer to all aspects of homecare. We hope to achieve a cohesive VNT who are committed to contributing their personal knowledge for the good of people on HAN.

What next? If this role appeals to you, please email us on and provide the relevant information.

Expressions of interest closed at 5pm on Friday 17 April 2020
Dr Barry Jones
Lead, PINNT Virtual Nutrition Team

Carolyn Wheatley