Latest update on the Calea PN supply issue

Yesterday (11th September 2019), PINNT was delighted to take members’ comments to a meeting with Dr Aidan Fowler (National Patient Safety Director; NHS England and NHS Improvement), Mike Shanahan (Deputy National Head of Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response, EPRR) and a member of the Incident Management Team, as part of our on-going dialogue regarding the Calea PN supply issue.
We collated the comments and addressed them all, the main topics were the on-going use and supply of multi-chamber bags (MCBs), supply issues with magnesium bags, deliveries, nursing, communications with Calea and the burden for those affected by not receiving the right supplies and information. These points are also being raised by the nutrition teams during their ongoing communications with NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Everything has always been taken seriously, and discussions took place about how the situation continues to be managed. PINNT addressed members’ genuine concerns that they felt there was a lack of recognition about the impact this was having or has had on patients/parents/carers. Without revisiting well used phrases, this is an unprecedented situation, and everyone is responding to it as quickly as they can. Home parenteral nutrition is a complex homecare treatment. As compounding spaces become available, these are being allocated to patients which will, over time gradually reduce the number of people using MCBs.

Everyone wants this situation to be resolved, we firmly believe this is echoed by everyone at NHS England and Wales.

In response to requests for information, a webpage on the NHS website, mainly for the benefit of patients/parents/carers but also for anyone with an interest in this issue, is being set up to enable any regularly occurring FAQs to be answered.

Speaking of Wales, we did ask about the communications from NHS Wales to patients, we await confirmation about this. We believe, much of the general information is applicable to all patients affected both in England and Wales.
Please be assured everyone is working to offer solutions for the eventual PN supply being restored to all those who need it. Nutrition teams are working tirelessly to support their patients and monitor individual patients’ needs. PINNT will continue to raise your concerns. We fully concur with the general feeling ‘this needs sorting out.’
We hope to share an update regarding all the aspects we discussed, which we hope will be via the webpage as mentioned above.


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