The use of blended diet with enteral feeding tubes

BDA launched their Practice Toolkit: The Use of Blended Diet with Enteral Feeding Tubes.
Once upon a time, the use of a blended diet with enteral feeding tubes was viewed with caution. What do we mean by a blended diet – liquidised tube-feeds, blenderised food, liquidised diet, and pureed table food. It generated much discussion amongst people on enteral tube feeds, families, healthcare professionals and industry.
In November 2019 a specially convened group of dietitians from The Association of UK Dietitians (BDA) Paediatric and Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Specialist Groups, as well as specially invited external experts developed a BDA Position Statement on the subject -
In November 2021, the BDA launched their Practice Toolkit: The Use of Blended Diet with Enteral Feeding Tubes. While this toolkit is aimed at dietitians, if this is a topic that interests you, or is a conversation you wish to have with your dietitian then you can refer to the toolkit, ideally they are already aware of it -
If you are thinking of introducing blended diet into your or your child’s feeding regiment, we advocate that you start by having a conversation with the dietitian. It is essential that knowing what to use and what to include is discussed and understood to avoid missing any key elements or using something unsuitable or not recommended. You can always direct them to the toolkit if they are unfamiliar with it.
This document is an evolving work in progress and the BDA welcomes feedback and encourages further discussion and research on the topic. PINNT fully supports this and will continue to share updates as and when they become available.


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