Research topics for parenteral nutrition


Are you on parenteral nutrition, over 18 years of age – do you have a relative/family member who supports you? A unique opportunity to submit your view on what research topics/questions you feel should be considered for parenteral nutrition.
“We are an international group of patients and healthcare professionals trying to find out what needs researching in the area of home parenteral nutrition in a project being co-ordinated by researchers at the University of Manchester. If you are a patient, family member or healthcare professional who has experience of home parenteral nutrition, please consider completing the questionnaire asking for your views. You are the people who have a direct insight into the research needs in parenteral nutrition and your views need to be informing the research agenda. The information that you give us will feed into a process to produce a list of the top ten international research priorities. These priorities will be promoted to bodies which fund healthcare research. Make sure your voice is heard in the research agenda.”

To contribute topics you would to be considered as research projects, please click the following link:

Patient representatives: Carolyn Wheatley (UK), Marianne Riis (Denmark) and Bethany Johnson (USA).
Healthcare professionals: Simon Lal (Gastroenterologist UK), Loris Pironi (Gastroenterologist and Nutritionist Italy), Andrew Clamp (Oncologist UK), Sorrel Burden (Dietitian UK), Jennifer McCracken (Dietitian UK), Leanne Williamson (Nurse UK).

More information can be found at: Research co-ordinators: Chloe French and Anne Marie Sowerbutts.

On behalf of the HAN&CIF Special Interest Group of ESPEN: Cristina Cuerda (Spain), Francisca Joly (France), Simon Lal (UK), Georg Lamprecht (Germany), Palle B. Jeppesen (Denmark), Manpreet S Mundi (USA), Loris Pironi (Italy), Kinga Szczepanek (Poland), Andrè Van Gossum (Belgium), Geert Wanten (Netherlands).