PN homecare supply issue


This information is only regarding the supply of PN to those with Calea
For those of you who are members of our closed Facebook page, you'll be aware of our statement earlier in the week regarding the supply issues with parenteral nutrition (PN). PINNT was able to have some conversations and were hopeful that the situation would be short term with minimal impact on people. As the week has progressed, it's become evident from members that for some it's become even more distressing. We are very aware of the  impact this is having on patients/parents/carers.

PINNT aims to work with all relevant parties to support actions that need to be implemented, and practical solutions identified and resolved, as a matter of urgency.

We have responded to members requests for advice and support, listening and understanding is paramount in such situations. Each persons needs are personal and it's vital that everyone has better lines of communication with reliable advice and information.

You can read our letter to members via this link: Letter-to-members.pdf