PN homecare supply issue - Open Letter


Further to our letters to members regarding the on-going supply issue of parenteral nutrition (PN) from Calea UK, we are sharing a letter we sent yesterday.

The letter can be viewed via this link: Open letter

A letter has also been sent to the Chief Exexcutive NHS Wales and the Secretary for Health and Social Services, Wales. Any PINNT member residing in Wales can contact us for a copy.

PINNT continues to support members who are affected by this distressing situation. We are actively supporting the working party set up by the Department of Health to oversee urgent and essential activities during this supply issue.

Nutrition Teams and relevant healthcare professionals will be working to coordinate a supply of PN and fluids to their patients. We strongly advocate the following:
  • Keep all lines of communication open with Calea UK
  • Ensure your/your child’s Nutrition Team and relevant healthcare professionals know if you are not receiving the fluids you are expecting
  • Each person on home parenteral nutrition (HPN) has specific needs, your /your child’s individual care will be overseen by your/their nutrition team and relevant healthcare professionals
  • If you elect to contact the media, focus on your personal situation. Stick to the facts as you know them
  • Contact your MP.
As you know we have a ‘Home Parenteral Nutrition Services in England Patient Charter HPN Services in England Patients Charter - If turn to page 11 you will see some useful contacts, it may be worth contacting the Health Ombudsman to register a complain about your homecare service Health Ombudsman Tel: 0345 015 4033.


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