PINNT’s Virtual Nutrition Team (VNT)

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PINNT has a wealth of combined experiences from its members, which contributes to the varied support network we offer to help people adapt to, and cope with life on home artificial nutrition.
Medical advice is beyond PINNT’s remit. However, there are some general questions from people on HAN that PINNT can answer. Historically, these questions have been addressed by our virtual nutrition team (VNT). There have been a good range of topics covered. PINNT is reviewing current VNT guidance and looking to respond to new questions. It’s also time to expand our VNT! Our VNT will also be working with the British Intestinal Failure Alliance (BIFA) to develop patient focused resources.
Dr Barry Jones has handed over the mantel of VNT lead to Dr Jeremy Nightingale and Dr Simon Lal who will co-chair PINNT’s VNT. It will continue to be a multidisciplinary team. We are delighted to retain members of our current committee, but we are also seeking new members!
What’s involved? Much of the work of the VNT is done virtually and via email. VNT members will receive an email from the chairs who will circulate questions and seek input from the team. A response will be drafted and then circulated for final approval by the VNT.
Who should apply? Health professionals who are interested in supporting people on HAN.  Our team is multidisciplinary, so if you are a nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, doctor, surgeon, speech and language therapist or psychologist who has the passion and time to support our VNT then we would love to hear from you!
HAN patients who approach PINNT for advice are usually seeking guidance on how to live their best life on HAN and wish to gain credible information to support their decision and better understand aspects of their life on HAN.
How to contact us. If you would like to express an interest in PINNT’s VNT or have further questions before you commit and would like more information, please email us at or telephone us on 07971 571709.
Please respond: Please contact PINNT no later than Friday 14th May 2021.


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