'Just Can't Wait!' toilet card

Do you worry about needing to use a toilet while you are out and about?

Many of our members do.  We are frequently asked about a card for such occasions. PINNT do not produce a 'Just Can't Wait!' card as these are already available via other organisations. We suggest you look at this one, it's a widely used card - free when ordered via their website and a straightforward application process.

It is available from the Bowel and Bladder Community - https://www.bladderandbowel.org/help-information/just-cant-wait-card/

They say "Request the original toilet access card from the Bladder and Bowel Community today. We use the universally acknowledged W.C. signage, giving you the benefit of discrete and clear communication for those moments where you just can't wait to use the toilet.

The Just Can't Wait card is now completely free of charge when ordered online. Fill out a few details and we will post your high quality, durable Just Can't Wait card to your home."

Please read all the information on their website carefully and when applying online.




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