'Hide and Seek'


As we pilot our new website during HAN week we thought it might be nice to have some fun.
We are asking you to help us test the site.

Let's play 'Hide and Seek'...

One HAN week logo per day has been hidden on the site. Two have been hidden on the official launch day, 8th August 2017, following that one per day will be hidden until 13th August. 

How will it work? 
  • The game starts at 12 noon each day.
  • Hunt around the website for the HAN logo - 2 will be there on 8th August (No 1 & No 2) then 1 each day until 13th August (No 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)
  • Only one person can win each HAN logo number: one for HAN logo 1 and one for HAN logo 2 on 8th August.
  • You must email comms@pinnt.com before 9pm each day. You need to say which page or tab it's on and ideally send a screenshot or photo showing its location.
  • Easy!

Terms and conditions:

You must be a PINNT member registered on our database to win.
'Hide and Seek' will start at 12 noon on 8th August and will remain open until 9pm each day.
No PINNT trustee, executive committee member or officer will be eligible to take part.
‘Hide and Seek’ will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and our forum/website.
Entrants must email comms@pinnt.com to say where it is and send a screen shot/photo if possible.
PINNT will record receipt of emails into comms@pinnt.com for the records.
A £25 Amazon e-voucher will be sent by the end of each day (two sent on Day 2 to cover days 1 and 2) to the first PINNT member providing they are a PINNT member. This will be verified by our membership secretary.
There is no alternative to the prize being offered.
The winner from each day will not be eligible to take part in subsequent ‘Hide and Seek’ searches.
There is no rollover, each prize must be won on the relevant day.
The Trustees decision is final.
The charity has the right to remove without notice.


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