Flu vaccine


It's that time of year again

Make sure you have had it, or booked to have your flu vaccine!

If you are unsure whether you or your child should have the flu vaccine, please find out now!

For children there is the nasal spray.

What is right for your or your child should be discussed with the team or GP if you have any concerns.

The symptoms of the flu can cause confusion with potential infections related to having a central line or even sepsis. On its own, the flu is extremely debilitating - add this to long term medical conditions and feeding tubes and lines, it can extremely serious. 

For further information please use the following links: 
  1. Health Protection Scotland: Learn more here
  2. NHS UK: Learn more here
  3. Health Service Executive Ireland: Learn more here
  4. NHS Direct Wales: Learn more here
Remember you need to do what is right for you and not what others have done or elect to do.

The flu can be serious - please take all relevant action to protect yourself  / your child, as a person on home artificial nutrition. Carers and family members should be protected too.



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