Current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travelling


For the latest official updates regarding travel, please use this link: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Further to the enquiries we have had, more so since the news of the outbreak in Tenerife, we offer the following:
  • There is no change to any holiday or travel service offered by your homecare provider. If you don’t know what that is, ask now!
  • If you have chosen to book a holiday abroad then we hope you’ve followed the advice we give which is to purchase travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your holiday. You need to insure against every potential reason for a claim, which may occur prior to the trip itself.
  • If you are due to travel and have not yet purchased travel insurance, then do so immediately in case further countries are added to the restricted list.
  • We advocate once again that anyone travelling must take a medical letter, a letter from their homecare provider as well as a copy of the prescription for the nutrition you/your child receives.
  • Check the terms and conditions of your policy; see what you’re covered for, this is something we strongly advocate, it’s not about the price of the policy it’s about the cover it offers.
  • Most policies will not cover epidemics or pandemics unless the advice is not to travel to certain countries. 
  • Carefully consider your/ child’s known dependency on either enteral (tube feeding/EN) or parenteral nutrition (HPN/PN): Consider the impact of an outbreak on your holiday. Currently the initial quarantine period is 14 days, given the way this virus is evolving, this timeline could change, it could be extended if further outbreaks occur in your holiday setting. Consider how this will impact on your ability to access further supplies of your EN or PN fluids and ancillaries. If abroad, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to access supplies locally or have them sent to you from the UK from your homecare company or your hospital.
  • Who decides if you travel abroad? If you have booked a holiday, or are planning one, you need to consider all current information and make an informed decision based on what you know and your/ child’s known needs.
  • Who decides if you travel within the UK? The advice is the same as above. However, if you are within the UK it will be easier to obtain on-going supplies from your usual supplier. Obviously, all official guidance must be followed.
We recognise that members elect to say in various types of holiday accommodation; hotels, villas, apartments as well as their own holiday homes. The advice remains the same. If you are travelling independently and will not have the support of a tour operator, think ahead and plan for all possible eventualities.
Government websites for the latest advice and travel information:


Information correct on 27.02.2020 - keep yourself informed!


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