Cost of living crisis

Update from PINNT: cost of living and potential power outages
urther to the information shared in the newsletter, Online Issue 2, page 10* regarding the cost of living payment made by the Government, we are aware that people remained concerned.

For update to date information about cost of living payments by the Government visit Cost of Living Payment - GOV.UK ( Payments will be dependent on the type of benefits you receive. 
General information previously shared with members:

Sign up to the Priority Services Register: If you have not already done it, make sure you sign up for priority services with your energy and water company. The two main benefits for those who need power and water for medical needs are:
  • notice of planned power cuts or water supply issues
  • priority support in an emergency
Generators are an option if needed in terms of energy, but they cannot be relied on. There will be other benefits by registering, ensure you know what is relevant to you and your personal situation.

Personal back up generator: We know people use these when travelling or camping. You may wish to consider purchasing one. We know this will be a considered purchase for many people. Ensure you do your research to find out what kind of generator will suit your needs. There are not covered as part of your homecare package and, even though registered with the priority services register, one cannot be guaranteed in an emergency situation.   

Community/council services: During emergency situations, your local council and community may be offering local support in terms of place to meet up, warm up and charge up! Basic services may be available to you in places such as community or village halls. If you are able to attend one of these, and if necessary you may be able to charge feeding pumps if necessary. To help support your need for this, make sure you have your PINNT Medical Tag on your rucksack to #verify why you need to charge your essential equipment. 

Worried about paying energy bills: If you are worried about the rising costs or your ability to pay, please speak to your supplier as soon as you can. 

Charging feeding pump, power packs and batteries:
  • Ensure your pump(s) is/are charged fully each day. Keeping them on charge will not extend the battery life. Also having them on charge all day will cost more and may not be necessary.
  • If you have separate power pack/battery for your feeding pump, ensure these are charged fully, again do not keep on charge as this will cost more‚Äč.
  • Domestic standard batteries: if your pump can be run on batteries ensure  you have a small supply to use in case of an emergency. 
  • Extra power pack/battery for feeding pump: if your pump has a dedicated external power supply, ask about a spare pack/battery for the potential period of concern.
Fridge for parenteral nutrition/fluids:
  • If you have intravenous fluids that must be kept in a fridge, your fridge must remain on at all times.
  • Power cut: in the event of a power cut keep the fridge door closed. Only open it if you need to take fluids out to use. Keeping the door closed will retain the temperature. We are unable to say how long the temperature will be retained; (domestic/pharmacy grade fridge) please seek clarification from your own homecare supplier.
  • Dedicated PN fridges: those who have a pharmacy grade fridge will have a clear indication of the internal temperature. Monitor as usual but be clear what steps you need to take in the event that the alarm is activated by a change of acceptable parameters.
General information:
  • Ensure you have the necessary level of stock that you should have. 
  • Ask your nutrition team/dietitian what to do in the event of not being able to access power to feed in the usual way if by pump. Can you use gravity sets? Find out what your options are.
We will be sharing further information as we have it. We have raised the concerns from members and we will be working with relevant partners to produce further guidance.


*can be found in the Newsletter Archive on the website.


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