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The survey is now closed. Thank you for supporting Harriet.

PINNT are supporting Harriet Dewhurst, a third year medical student from St George s University of London with an interest in nutrition. Harriet is seeking your views on where you receive nutrition advice and how useful you find it. A chance for your to express your personal views, not necessarily about your current artificial nutrition. Below is an introduction from Harriet along with the background to the research project and how the results will be used.

Hello - my name is Harriet Dewhurst, and I am a third year medical student from St George s University of London with an interest in nutrition. Working under the supervision of senior lecturer and gastroenterologist, Dr Penny Neild, I am currently undertaking a research project looking into people s perspectives of how easily they can access nutritional information and their beliefs regarding who is and should be providing them with this information. We know that there is increasing recognition and interest among the general public regarding the importance of nutrition in both health and illness. However, it is not clear how people best or most easily obtain nutritional information, particularly from health professionals, and indeed the reliability of such information, from whichever source. The main aim of this survey is to discover how people access nutritional advice. We will examine this in various ways, seeking your opinions on who is or should be best suited to giving you such information and how easy it is to obtain the advice you need. We will also ask a few general questions specifically about you, such as your age, gender, occupation and ethnicity, as well as a presence or absence of specific illness, to understand whether such characteristics may influence your experience or expectations. We will not ask any questions which may identify you, such as name, date of birth or contact details. In answering this short survey, you are helping us to gather data on the usefulness of nutritional advice delivered by health professionals and other sources, both generally and within the area of your specific condition. If sufficient responses are generated, PINNT may also be able to use this information to highlight any areas of need in the area of nutrition support and tube feeding, in the hope that the quality and provision of nutritional information and advice may be improved in the future. Final date for completing the survey is Monday 28th February 2011

Please follow the link below to take the survey Many thanks!Your contribution and views are much appreciated!