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Many years ago PINNT had a set of printed leaflets that addressed some of the questions people new to artificial feeding wanted to find the answers to.

We are delighed to have a new section on our website which has developed the leaflets into a set of questions to help people new to artificial nutrition. If you click on the tab 'therapies' then select the therapy you require and scroll to the right to select the news section under 'parenteral' and 'enteral'.

The questions are not an extensive list and they certainly do not address everything you may be looking for but we hope they go some way towards helping you.

If you do not find the questions you are looking for or you think you can add to the answers please email us on and let us know how you can help or what we can add.

This new section has been prepared by fellow patients and they have provided information to the best of their ability. Please bear in mind that each patient is different and the responses may not be suitable or appropriate for each individual. If you have any on going concerns that PINNT cannot address please talk to your own team of healthcare professionals.


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