Where PN began ....


We all have our own healthcare professional who we hold in high regard. Here's one man that all those on HPN should be grateful to. Having heard Dr Dudrick references at many professional meetings it was truly inspiring to meet the man himself.

Dr. Dudrick, from Pittsburgh, pioneered intravenous nutrition in 1968 which many of us need for survival today. He did a Question and Answer session during the Oley Conference last week where he talked about his battle to convince peers it was possible. He was scorned by many and he eventually told colleagues not to come to his lab if they didn't have anything encouraging to say.

He spent 20 hours a day developing this treatment and missed quality time with his wife and family. Thankfully he didn't listen to those who scorned him and here we are today!!

He said that patients who deal with this on a day to day basis taught him humility - he has a lot of respect for those who receive intravenous nutrition. I think those listening to him could not express the true meaning of his work and just how much it meant to people like myself.

Dr Dudrick was invited to England to advise on setting up a programme here so patients could benefit from his work and people's live could be saved. He spent time in Manchester and shared his knowledge and expertise with like minded doctors who were keen to take this treatment forward.

I felt like a groupie after asking to have my photo taken with him - I didn't mind, I was blown away to listen and hear his tales. He made a big effort to attend the conference because he respects patients.

Dr Dudrick we salute you!



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