Team PINNT did it!


The sky was blue, the sun was shining and our team did us proud!

After some terrible weather running up to the event, everyone was praying for a dry warmer day on Sunday 26th May for the inaugural Bupa Westminster mile run.

It may have only been 'one' mile, not too difficult for many but team PINNT were taking part because they had a personal connection or story to tell in relation to the treatments PINNT supports.

Nine people set off at 10.40 a.m. and all completed their task - it's amazing just how emotional these events are. PINNT have had runners in the London Marathon before but this time we had patients running which made it extra special.

The support team, family and friends cheered each runner past the finishing line and for some it was a personal goal achieved.

We want to thank everyone who supported the event by donating to this cause. Every £1 counts, we truly value each and every donation. We think we have raised £2,500 - amazing, truly amazing.

A few thank you's - firstly all those who took part. Next Victoria Jones from Bupa Home Healthcare who organised our places and supported us prior to the event when we wanted to chase all the information. Next - Inspiration Healthcare and Micrel Devices for responding to a plea for a see-through rucksack so one runner could run with full PN kit on. Finally a huge thank you to those who clicked to donate or filled in a form or sent PINNT a cheque.

We look forward to many more event like this in the future.

The team spirit was amazing!