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Free to all PINNT members who are on home parenteral nutrition

Our collaboration with the National Nurses Nutrition Group (NNNG) has resulted in a wonderful Safety poster.

It is designed for all HPN/TPN adults who go into hospital, to address key questions about their treatment and care plans.

We have asked parents to review this so we can produce a poster for children if there is a need and input from families.

The NNNG and PINNT believe this poster is fundamental to supporting patients when faced with that difficult dilemma of being heard in relation to individual fluid needs, procedures and care plans.

It is relevant to anyone receive home parenteral nutrition; self-caring and nursed patients alike.

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01202 481625 or email thill@pinnt.com

We will need:
  • Your name
  • Full postal address
  • Membership number (if you remember it).
The poster has been endorsed by:
  • NNNG - National Nurses Nutrition Group
  • NIVAS - National Infusion and Vascular Access Society
  • ANTT - Aseptic Non Touch Technique


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