PN pumps, whose choice is it?


PINNT are delighted to share a joint feature with the National Nurses Nutrition Groups (NNNG)

We are very aware that there are differing views on who should be part of the decision making when it comes to a portable feeding pump for those on HPN.

PINNT, through LITRE, have always been keen to inform patients about the choices there are but we have no influence on which pump is selected. However, we are aware that there is confusion as to who makes the decision. Nutrition nurses are key to being the patients advocate here. They must get to know the patient and determine which pump will enhance their life on artificial feeding. What exactly do they need to manage and cope with this unusal lifestyle of life on a line.

Please take time to read the latest newsletter - we are delighted that the NNNG are happy to support our call for the selection of a pump to be given due consideration and always remember 'one pump does not fit all'.

PINNT have a wonderful relationship with the NNNG and we look forward to the continuing and growing.

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