PINNT survey


Vital survey on home artificial nutrition, your voice is crucial

PINNT needs your help to better understand home artificial nutrition and its impact on the lives of patients and their families.
Your survey responses will be used to capture your individual experience of tube feeding or TPN/HPN, your journey to requiring artificial nutrition, as well as how this journey has impacted on your family/those that support you. With your input we will produce a report which will ensure we are able to fully represent the views and concerns of the patients and families we serve. For our report to have the greatest possible impact we need to capture as many patient and family experiences as we can in order to highlight the needs of patients on home artificial nutrition.

The survey is in two parts and will capture (i) the patient perspective, and (ii) family and carer views/experience.

There is an introduction letter at the beginning of the patient survey link - please read this carefully it tells you more about why we need your expereince!

The patient survey can be accessed through this link.

The family and carer survey can be accessed through this link.

We would be very grateful if you would complete the surveys by Monday 11th April 2016 and forward them on to others who you think might be interested as well.

As a PINNT member you will be receiving printed copies of the survey s in the next 7 days, you may wish to wait for a paper copy to complete and return.

In addition to this survey, we are seeking people with short bowel syndrome to volunteer to take part in a personal interview. Patients and carers, please make sure you read the final section on each survey.

Please note - You may have received copies of the surveys by email and post, please ensure that whichever format you complete you only submit your responses once.



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